The grade that performs the most kind acts in the next three weeks will be celebrated and given a chance to help others by paying it forward.

Do a kind act (hold a door, smile at a new student, throw out someone else’s trash at lunch, the possibilities are endless - check your calendar for ideas). Report your act of kindness to the PTA using this link: KINDNESS COUNTS. You can report your own kind act or report someone who was kind to you. The grade with the most kind acts wins. Students in the kindest grade will vote on how to spend the $1000 prize. The money must be used to celebrate your accomplishments as well as to help others.

  • Please join us for the sixteenth annual Cultural Heritage Celebration, "With Languages you are at home anywhere." The Celebration will be held on Thursday, January 30th.

    Food display: 6:00-6:45


    Tickets are $5.00 plus a can of food to be donated to the INN.

  • The ELA exam will be given on 3/25 - 3/26 (Wednesday and Thursday). 

    The State Math exam will be given on 4/21 - 4/22 (Tuesday and Wednesday). 

  • There's a new way to earn for our school!  Rather than clipping those Box Tops for Education, now you can simply scan them.  Download the Box Tops for Education app, and get started today.