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Board of Education Student Delegates

Board of Education student delegates, representing the district’s secondary schools, were introduced to the community at the Board meeting on Oct. 19. These non-voting delegates, selected by their schools, are encouraged to express opinions about educational and student matters, to voice school issues or concerns, and to take pertinent Board agenda items back to their respective schools.

Student delegates for the 2022–23 school year are: Aaron Harouny, Abigail Monasebian, Madison Toch, and Alexander Victory from North High School; Antranig Baghdassarian, Elizabeth Chow, Katie Leder, and Julia Zou from South High School; Jenny Jia from the Village School; Jonah Gohari, Letizia Kaya, and Benjamin Nathan from North Middle School; and Lazar Cutler, William Kwan, and Edan Liahovetsky from South Middle School.

The Board has been in the vanguard regarding student participation in school affairs, initiating student delegates in 1975, a practice New York State did not require until 2005.




Students delegates are photographed with Board of Education trustees and the Superintendent of Schools

Board of Education student delegates are pictured with Board President Rebecca Sassouni, Vice President Jeffrey Shi, Trustees Barbara Berkowitz, Donna Peirez and Grant Toch, and Superintendent Dr. Teresa Prendergast.