• January 31, 2020


    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    As we begin to prepare for your child’s final year as a middle school student, we want to take this time to explain the elective selection process for the incoming 8th graders.

    Some 8th graders may have room in their schedules for what we call ‘electives’. These will be rank ordered by preference on a forthcoming Google Form that your child will complete with Guidance. Once we begin scheduling, we try our hardest to give each student at least one of their top choices. Master scheduling and availability make it impossible to give every top choice elective to each student, but we are confident that exposure to any of our electives will benefit your child in one way or another. Please note that performing groups (Band, Orchestra and Chorus), as well as Art Foundations count as a top choice elective if your child chooses this path. 

    In the upcoming weeks, I will be speaking to your children about the elective choices offered in 8th grade. Your children will be sent a link to a Google Form asking that they rank order their elective preferences during class. We strongly encourage you to review the link of potential electives below and speak with your children about the order in which they are thinking of ranking them before they select them during school. Please note that scheduling takes place  over the summer so your child will not receive a schedule until the first day of school. Please feel free to email me in March if you have any questions about your child’s elective rankings.

    Link to Elective Course Descriptions:


    If you have any additional questions about scheduling, please note that we will be hosting a presentation about the 8th grade program on March 5, 2020 at South Middle School at 7PM. We look forward to creating a wonderful final year at South Middle for your child!


    Jessica Chase

    Jessica Chase

    School Counselor

    Great Neck South Middle School