• Library Hours

    Monday - Thursday

    7:45am - 3:20pm


    7:45am - 2:50pm

  • Borrow a Book From the NMS Library

    Starting on Wednesday, January 28th, students can "check" out a physical book from the library.  Due to COVID-19 safety precautions and protocols, students cannot crowd near the shelves.  As such, library staff will be pulling the books for the students.   Students can place a book request using the Google Form: Follett Library Book.


    book shelves

  • Borrow Books Online

    Follett Destiny

    Follet is North Middle's main catalog for both nonfiction and fiction materials both in digital and print formats.

    follett destiny logo

    Directions for accessing Follett (North Middle School’s Library Catalog where fiction and non-fiction titles are located):

    • Go to Great Neck Public Schools homepage
    • Click on students
    • Click on the library catalog
    • Click on Great Neck North Middle School in the upper right corner
    • Log in (upper right) using your COMPUTER username and password (example of username: jsmith0402)
    • Search for an ebook


    Sora App

    Check the app catalog on your iPad for access to the app to borrow fiction books. 

    sora app logo


    Directions for accessing SORA (digital book platform for FICTION titles): 

    • Open the SORA app
    • Click on My School – Great Neck Public Schools
    • Click on Sign In using Great Neck Public Schools
    • Sign In with your Google Username
    • Don’t forget to go to the 3 menu bars in the upper right-hand corner to add your public library
    • Click on Find A Book to check an eBook or Audiobook out

  • Do you have a public library card? If not apply today!

    Apply for a Digital Great Neck Public Library Card from the Great Neck Public Library! Having a Digital Great Neck Public Library Card will allow you to have access to more eBooks, Audiobooks and other wonderful digital resources. Click on the image below to apply for your own card today!

    get a library card today link