Welcome Incoming 6th Grade Students and Families

  • Information about the August Orientation will be posted here shortly.  Come back and visit soon. 

  • For Students:

    Incoming 6th grade students only: Click on the STUDENTS tab on our homepage to learn about our clubs and activities and a few other helpful pages.  Click around and explore what's available to you, including the Things to Know page. You can learn about all our clubs and activities there as well. 

    image of screenshot of webpage

  • 6th Grade Student Orientation

    View the orientation presentation again and again! Click the image below.

    welcome blazers

  • For Parents:

    Click on the PARENTS tab on our homepage to find useful information, especially the NMS Parent Information, NMS PTO and NMS SDMC (Shared Decision Making Committee) pages. 

    Also visit the Nurse's page for useful information about forms that are due before the start of school. 


    screenshot of webpage

  • 2023-2024 6th Grade School Supplies

    Information for supplies for the 2023-2024 school year is at this link.  Click the image below to see supplies listed by grade. 

    school supply list