• The art program involves children in the use of many art media in producing varied products, and it also gives all children an opportunity to communicate ideas. It is typical for a child at any grade level to have experience with tempera paints, crayons, chalk, papier-mache, ink, and other media. It is also typical for children to create pictures, drawings, puppets, prints, graphic representations, collages, montages, and a vast range of other creations. There is a balance between satisfaction in the process and satisfaction with the outcomes.

    The area of art appreciation is also important. An appreciation of color, form, arrangement, and all the elements that contribute to the aesthetic enjoyment of any work of art is the keystone of the art program. Children are exposed to the basic ideas that art has always existed, has always been essential to humanity's well-being, and that in its tangible forms has provided a record of people's experiences from the earliest times until today.