Training Resources

  • Region map: 

    Resize image for homepage multimedia rotator:   (897 x 460)

    Resize accent image for Headlines & Features app: (370 x 247)

    Resize image for channel drop-down:  (206 x 137) - Then upload image in the proper folder under Configure > Templates > Files & Folders > Site Files > channel_images. (ELEMENTARIES: You have a special folder just for your school.) This will allow you to select it when editing the Template Configuration screen.

    configure > templates > files and folders              site files > channel images



    Code to automatically insert linked list of sections:

    [ $sectionlistnavigation$]

    (paste this code into an Embed Code app; remove space between bracket and $ after pasting)


  • Accessibility training exercise - sample text

    Helpful resources for Accessibility

    Color contrast checker

    Accessibility Checklist

    1. Use a built in heading structure.
    2. Use the built in list tools. 
    3. Add links and files using descriptive clickable text and alternative text. 
    4. Add descriptive alternative text to images.
    5. Only use tables for tabular data not display structure.
    6. Mark heading rows on tables.
    7. All documents you upload, link or display on your website should accessible.  
    8. Embedded videos must include captioning. 
    9. Check reading level of content.
    10. Check for high color contrast.