• 50

    Image of students and staff in front of Village School building with banner reading, "Celebrating 200 Years"

    The maximum number of students enrolled at any given time.

    This allows for smaller class sizes, greater personalization of curriculum, and a school community that truly knows and trusts one another.







    Photo of male and female students, in cap and gown, at graduation podium.

    The percentage of seniors who graduated on time during the 2013-2015 academic years. 

    With rare exception, all of our graduates go on to attend college.







    Photo of students walking along a wooden pathway in grass dunes.

    The year Village School was opened by a group of progressive thinkers who understood that when it comes to education, one size does not fit all.









    Photo of NYC skyline as seen from bridge

    The number of bridges we cross during our annual NYC field trip. 

    First we walk over the Manhattan Bridge, then make our way to famed pizzerias, "Juliana's", and "Grimaldi's", for a delicious taste testing. 

    With full bellies, we then cross over the Brooklyn Bridge, snapping pictures along the way.