• Coaches:

    James Bailin

    Michael Galeotafiore

    Jean Igoe

    Alyson Lamonte




    Lakeville School Physical Education

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    Mission Statement

    All Great Neck Physical Education Students will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

    Vision Statement

    Great Neck Physical Education is dedicated to a standards based Pre K-12 program that leads all students to a healthy, active lifestyle.

     Our district wide program will provide opportunities for:

    • The application of fitness skills and concepts
    • Developmentally appropriate progression of motor skills
    • Diverse learning for all students in a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment
    • Practicing personal and social responsibility
    • Utilizing technology to enhance learning
    • Active engagement for all students through meaningful instruction
    • Increased physical activity outside of the Physical Education class

     Keys to a successful, quality Physical Education program include:

    • Administrative, school and community involvement and support
    • Ongoing quality professional development opportunities
    • Teacher scheduling and class sizes that are maximally supportive of student learning
    • Ongoing student assessment and program evaluation

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