• Reading Interventions

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    Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention for first grade students reading below benchmark.  A child participating in Reading Recovery will receive a series of lessons tailored to his/her reading and writing needs with the aim of accelerating literacy skills. Reading Recovery lessons are supplemental (provided in addition) to classroom instruction.

    Students selected for Reading Recovery receive one-to-one instruction for 30-minutes each day. These students work with a trained Reading Recovery teacher for a period of 12-20 weeks. The goal at the end of a lesson series is for the child to use their newly acquired strategies independently, and continue to progress and meet grade level expectations.

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    Leveled Literacy Intervention

    Leveled Literacy Intervention is a supplemental reading program for all grade levels. It is designed for students who require extra support to become proficient, grade-level readers. The lessons provide explicit guided reading instruction utilizing leveled texts. Each lesson supports comprehension, fluency, word solving strategies, oral language through conversation, and writing. The use of both independent and instructional level text provides students with opportunities to transfer strategies and skills that are taught at the instructional level into their independent reading.
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    Wilson Reading

    The Wilson Reading System is designed for students who have experienced difficulty acquiring the sound-symbol correspondence needed to decode text and spell accurately. Teachers instruct using a systematic and multisensory approach in order to build skills in the areas of decoding and encoding (spelling). In addition, the program consists of activities that promote vocabulary development and reading comprehension skills.