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    In the interest of all the children at Lakeville School, First Aid and Communication 
    with parents takes first priority. Throughout the school day, informative phone calls will be made 
    if needed. To contact Nurse Primiano during the school day, telephone numbers are:

    To report an absence call: 516-441-4315

    To speak with Nurse Primiano, call: 516-441-4310

    email: lprimiano@greatneck.k12.ny.us

    When reporting an absence, the telephone number listed above is an answering machine available for your convenience at all times. Upon your child's return to school, please send an absence note to the teacher. Children are expected to arrive at their classroom between 9:05-9:15. Any student arriving after that time must report to the health office to receive a late pass. In the event of an unreported lateness, parents will receive an automated phone callnotifying of their child's absence.