The Business Department believes that it has an important responsibility to educate students as to the many career opportunities available in our global economy.  Also, students may take courses that will enhance their business computer skills and making them more marketable in the future. Business students will explore careers in Accounting, Law, Management, Marketing, Finance and a variety of other business professions.  In addition, the course offerings will provide all students with a foundation in 21st century skills enabling them to better adjust to the global business and legal community in which they live.  Students may receive up to twelve college credits before graduating from North High school. DECA is our award winning Business club and all students are encouraged to participate. Students may elect any combination of courses within this department to earn either a three or five credit sequence toward graduation. Students who take five credits in Business may fulfill a requirement towards a Regents Diploma.

    The Family and Consumer Sciences (F.A.C.S.) program teaches students information relating to their daily lives.  Courses relate to clothing selection and construction, parenting and child development, nutrition and diet analysis, food preparation, consumerism and career opportunities.

    The Great Neck Board of Education requires that all students complete a ½ credit course in Practical Arts.  Any F.A.C.S. course will meet this graduation requirement.

    In addition, students may arrange for, and are encouraged to partake in independent study courses in every area of F.A.C.S.  The exact program and meeting time will be written according to the curriculum guidelines and agreed upon by both the student and the department chairperson.  An independent study program gives the student the opportunity to explore topics which are of special interest.  It also is an ideal way for students to receive credit for courses which he or she is unable to take because of a lack of time in the student’s busy schedule, or because a course is not being offered.  Nutrition and its relationship to health, and pattern design and construction, are but only two of the programs which can be created.