• Checkpoint A topics covered in different capacities throughout all three years include:  Identify and Family Life; Daily Life and Societal Institutions; Physical Environment, Geography, and Travel; History, Government, and Economics; Religion, Myths, and Legends; Literature, Architecture, and Art.  Click here to access our Latin Checkpoint A course profile. 


    LATIN 6

    In sixth grade, students will be introduced to a thematic study of Latin grammar and vocabulary. Students will interact with the target language through English word etymology, enhancing their reading and writing skills. Students will also build upon their cultural competence of ancient history and its impact on the modern world today.     


    5 Periods Per Week - Full Year


    LATIN 7

    This is a continuing course in the study of the Latin language. Emphasis is placed on the study and use of Latin grammar and vocabulary for the purpose of developing reading and writing skills in Latin, and vocabulary and grammar skills in English. The class explores various aspects of ancient Rome and Greece: mythology, history and daily life, and the etymology of English words. This course follows Latin 6 which students took in sixth grade. 

    5 Periods Per Week - Full Year


    LATIN 8

    The successful completion of sixth and seventh grade is a prerequisite to this course.  Increased emphasis is placed on Latin grammar, the reading and writing of Latin, and English vocabulary building. There is also increased emphasis on Greek and Roman civilization and their impact on our modern civilization. This course concludes with the students taking the Checkpoint A exam. The final average from this course will be included on the high school transcript and is included in the total cumulative high school average.

    1 Unit of High School Credit

    5 Periods Per Week - Full Year