In addition to the grade-level classes, the department also offers the following classes:

  • The English Center 

    Select students are offered supplemental classes to help them become better readers and writers.  They will also be taught skills that will help them across their content area classes. In addition, they will explore test-taking strategies that improve their ability to answer multiple choice, short response, and essay questions. 

    English Electives

    • Creative Writing
      This course is designed for eighth graders who enjoy writing. Students will have the opportunity to write frequently about personal and assigned topics. They will compose their writing, share their pieces with their classmates and conference with their teacher. (2-3 periods per week; half year)


    • Books to Film
      This course is designed for eighth graders who are interested in reading novels, plays or stories and comparing them to the film versions. After reading, students will make predictions about the film. After watching the movie, students will discuss the similarities and differences in the story-telling techniques.   (2-3 periods per week; half year)


    • Public Speaking
      This course, designed for eighth graders, provides students with a variety of opportunities to practice public speaking. Students will learn useful skills for making oral reports, as well as speeches to inform, convince and entertain. Students will also be involved in debates and panel discussions. Videotaping may be used for feedback.  (2-3 periods per week; half year)