• Our classroom STEAM activities ask students to design, construct, and test solutions to a given problem. Students think critically, collaborate with peers, and communicate their solutions.

Code & Go

  • image of Colby the mouse

    Students design mazes and program Colby, the robot mouse, to navigate its way to the cheese!


  • image of OSMO

    Using OSMO, students collaborate to solve puzzles, build number sense, and engage in critical thinking skills.

3D Printing

  • Students in grade three used the design process to create 3D printed crayon containers to donate to the Cohen Children's Medical Center.  Student designs contained "get well" messages as well as other inspirational words to spread cheer.  Additionally, grade three students created 3D planters to donate to a local assisted living facility. The planters were filled with mini cacti. 

    In grade four, students design and create holders for their earbuds. Students move from a 2D design to a 3D using the application Morphi EDU. In grade five, students create and test extensions to improve the structural designs of houses so that they can withstand natural disasters, such as hurricanes and flooding.