Photo of 3 pieces of artwork


  • The role of the Art program at the middle school level is important in relation to the social, psychological and emotional needs of the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students that the middle school encompasses. The Art program aims to engage students in hands-on art activities that foster a positive feeling of self worth in the students. The Art curriculum is both sequential and spiraling. Each grade level has a specific focus addressing artistic skills and techniques, creativity, problem-solving, art appreciation and critical analysis.

Painting of a lake
  • The art program at South Middle School is aligned with the New York State Visual Art Standards at the intermediate level outlined below:

    • Standard 1:
      Creating, Performing & Participating in the Arts
    • Standard 2:
      Knowing and Using Art Materials and Resources
    • Standard 3:
      Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
    • Standard 4:
      Understanding the Cultural Dimensions of Art