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    Attention Students:
    Here is a fun activity from SPEC!
    Honor cancer patients who live in their PJ’s at the hospital by just wearing PJ’s to school on
    World Cancer Research Day. Wear your PJ’s this Friday, the 24 th , for the PJAMMIN event
    Please take photos to send to us.
    Thank you!

    Attention Students:
    The Science Olympiad team will be hosting an informational meeting today, September 20 th
    after school in Room 507. If you are interested in trying out for our nationally ranked team as a
    studier or a builder, please be sure to attend!

    Attention Students:
    If you are a Junior or Senior that does not have any free periods other than lunch, and you are
    playing a Varsity sport, you may apply for a PE exemption. Please pick up the paperwork in the
    Athletic Director’s office near the East Gym. You must print out a copy of your schedule to
    hand in with the finished packet. Thank you.

    Attention All Seniors:
    Seniors applying to a college with a deadline of November 1 st , must submit their College
    Transcript Release Form to their guidance counselor by Friday, October 8 th . Forms can be found
    in your counselors’ Google Classroom or on the school website.
    Seniors, please remember to check your SCHOOL EMAIL daily.

    Attention All Seniors:
    All college visits will be posted on Naviance. Please check your Naviance homepage daily for
    up-to-date college visits and register for those college presentations you want to attend at least
    48 hours in advance.
    When in Naviance, click on “colleges” in tool bar. Then “College visits” to see all upcoming
    visits. Note all visits will be VIRTUAL this year and Zoom links are in the comment section.
    College presentations are for Seniors only!

    Attention Students:
    Are you interested in fashion and dance? Excited for the opportunity to get back on stage for
    this year’s Fashion Show? Coordinators, Devyn, Ellie, Gabby, Tessa, and Tori, welcome you to
    the lively production. Get more information at the orientation meeting on Thursday,
    September 23 rd at 2:45PM in the cafe