• Electives

    Law and Order

    While law may be the foundation of any orderly society, too often it is complicated and misunderstood. In an effort to break down jurisprudence into something reasonable and tangible, students will explore the intricacies and inconsistencies of the United States legal system, as well as the basic tenants of criminal, civil and Constitutional law. Students will leave this class with a greater understanding and appreciation of the nuances of the United States legal system.

    2-3 Periods Per Week – Half Year


    Real To Reel


    While most students love going to the movies, few have been trained to appreciate cinema as art, or as a vehicle to educate and enlighten. Film can help engage a viewer with an idea, such as a contemporary issue or a cultural difference. Film can also help the viewer draw parallels between eras in history.

    The goal of “Real to Reel” is to make the classroom a starting point for the investigation of larger themes like ethics, culture and race by analyzing the political/historical meaning in select films, differentiating between fact and fiction in cinema and evaluating how accurately history has been handled in the movies.

    2-3 Periods Per Week – Half Year