Course Offerings

  • Supplies:

    • iPad fully charged
    • pen/pencil
  • Home and Careers Grade 6

    This pass/fail course meets every day for ten weeks. Students are introduced to the program with five weeks of foods, nutrition, consumerism, decision-making and a touch of etiquette. In sewing, a hand-sewn project is required, where students learn to sew two popular stitches. These skills learned in sixth grade are the foundation for the seventh grade curriculum.

    Home and Careers Grade 7

    This course meets every day for 20 weeks. This is a graded course, which includes units on etiquette, resource management, sewing and textiles, consumerism, foods and nutrition and career exploration. In the foods lab, nutrition and recipe exploration are the main focus. In the sewing portion of the course students are introduced to the sewing machine. Safety, basic sewing skills are taught. After these skills have been mastered, the students create two simple and useful projects.

    Chefs Grade 8

    This graded elective meets every other day for 20 weeks. Advanced recipe preparation techniques are taught with an emphasis on creative yet simple preparations. Some typical recipe preparations include salads, appetizers, ethnic foods and advanced desserts.