1. To be considered eligible for appointment as mentors, applicants must be tenured and have completed the District's (Teacher Center) mentor training workshop and refresher courses as needed.

    2. Each principal and BRC will be provided with a list of trained, eligible mentors in their building

    3. Mentors will be selected by the building principal and the BRC (and department head, if applicable), and must have demonstrated mastery of teaching skills, content knowledge, and interpersonal relations.

    4. Preference in selection will be given to those who teach at the same grade level or who teach the same subject, as appropriate.

    5. If more than one qualified mentor is eligible for a particular assignment, the principal and the BRC shall make a joint decision, based on consensus.



    1. All teachers who wish to be considered as potential mentors must agree to complete an 8-hour workshop offered by the Great Neck Teacher Resource and Computer Center (Teacher Center).  The workshop includes training in, but not limited to, the study of the theory of adult learning, the theory of teacher development, the elements of a mentoring relationship, peer coaching techniques, and time management methodology, etc. Inservice credit will be awarded.

    2. Mentors will also bring to the task such skills as they have acquired through prior Inservice, Teacher Resource and Computer Center, NYSUT, university, and other relevant staff development experiences.

    3. Some mentoring activities, may include, but shall not be limited to:  modeling instruction for the new teacher, observing instruction and giving feedback, collaborative lesson planning, peer coaching/team coaching, orienting the new teacher to the school culture, preparation for parent conferencing and Open House/Open School Night, review of grading practice and procedures; assistance in developing teaching strategies, assistance in developing classroom management strategies, review of State and District curriculum mandates, familiarizing the new teacher with building and District procedures, and responding to the emerging needs and concerns of the new teacher.