• Office of Curriculum and Instruction

    Secondary Instruction:
    Social Studies

    --Middle school students study non-western cultures and are introduced to American history and society. They analyze documents (original texts, maps, charts, political cartoons, and secondary texts) and write document-based and thematic essays. Comprehension, writing, and critical-thinking skills are developed. They complete research projects and create individual and reports and presentations.

    --The high school social studies program follows the state curriculum and prepares students for two Regents examinations. At the completion of tenth grade, students are tested on their knowledge of the history, politics, geography, and culture of non-western and European cultures from ancient to current times. Some tenth-graders opt for AP European History or AP World History in lieu of the Regents curriculum, while still taking the Regents exam. Eleventh-grade students either take American History or AP American History. Both groups take the US History Regents. Twelfth-grade students may take college-preparatory social studies electives or AP courses in politics/government, economics, and psychology. Texts are regularly supplemented with primary sources, and fiction and non-fiction books.

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