• Office of Curriculum and Instruction

    Elementary Instruction:
    Special Area Programs

    New York State certified teacher specialists work with students and classroom teachers to enhance the elementary program in science, literacy, enrichment education, computer, art, music, physical education, technology, STEM, and library/media.

    --Science Teachers, one in each school, work directly with students in a laboratory setting to provide scheduled “hands-on” science experiences, focusing on the development of inquiry and problem-solving skills. The classroom teachers reinforce and expand knowledge of this content area in their ongoing programs.

    --Literacy & Math Specialists help to coordinate each school’s core and intervention programs in reading and math. These specialists work directly with selected students, classroom teachers, and administrators to help ensure each child’s progress in literacy and math.

    --SEEK (Supportive Educational Exploration and Knowledge) Teachers work with third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade children who qualify for enrichment. Special projects, advanced studies, and independent research activities meet the needs and interests of these children. SEEK teachers also serve as staff developers, providing resources to teachers in grades K–5 to benefit all students.

    --Technology Staff Developers, one in each school, implement a sequential curriculum in computer skills and technology applications for students and provide staff development for K-5 teachers. Each elementary school is equipped with a Computer Instructional Center which houses 25 networked computers and software programs that enhance the reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies programs.

    --Art, Music, and Physical Education Teachers support the elementary program and expand the children’s horizons for lifelong learning. They work with all classes, beginning in prekindergarten. A spiraling curriculum in each of these areas addresses skills, creative expression, and aesthetic appreciation.

    --Library/Media Specialists, one in each school, teach elementary children to become effective users of information. They encourage the cultivation of literature appreciation, and support and enrich the educational program. Children are taught research skills and learn to access reliable information from a variety of print and Internet resources such as subscription databases, reference CDs, and multimedia encyclopedias. The library/media specialists meet with classroom teachers to plan mutually supportive activities and projects.

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