• Homework Guidelines

    Lakeville School

    Grade 2

    Why Homework is Assigned:

    • To reinforce and/or extend skills and material that have been taught in class

    • To help students develop independence, responsibility, and effective study habits

    • To serve as a communication link between school and home

    • To help teachers assess student learning


    When Homework Will Be Assigned:

    • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday


    What Homework May Be Assigned:

    • Homework may be assigned in any of the academic areas

    • Reading 15-25 minutes nightly is expected


    Student’s Homework Responsibilities:

    • To complete all assignments neatly and legibly

    • To work independently as much as possible

    • To be responsible for returning completed work on time


    Parent’s Homework Responsibilities:

    • To set up a quiet environment without interruptions from siblings

    • Have necessary supplies on hand (pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers etc.)

    • To provide a consistent routine and time management 

    • To encourage independence and responsibility

    • To be aware of the assignments that are expected of your child

    • Inform the teacher if your child is experiencing difficulty with an assignment


    Teacher’s Homework Responsibilities:

    • To explain and review all assignments

    • To assign appropriate homework


    If the Students Do Not Hand in Properly Completed Homework:

    • Parents will be informed

    • Consistent incomplete homework will be indicated on the student’s record