• The Office of Instruction is pleased to share these secondary school course profiles. Please click on the underlined course names to access each profile. (We are working diligently to complete the work required to complete and provide links for all secondary courses.) As you read each of the descriptions, please keep in mind the District's approach to the teaching of challenging topics which are summarized below.

    Teaching Challenging Topics

    • Masterful educators are facilitators of learning who, rather than use their classrooms as platforms for personal expression, present topics from a viewpoint-neutral position without imposing their beliefs and opinions on students.  
    • As a community of learners, educating students in critical thinking skills is one cornerstone of our work.
    • A comprehensive education responsibly explores controversial topics. To fully prepare the next generation of citizens and to equip our students with critical thinking skills, we will not avoid controversial topics. The documents and materials used to explore challenging topics are intended to provide insight into disparate viewpoints; it should not be inferred that the views expressed in these materials are the views of the classroom instructor or the District.
    • We will strive to handle them with students in an age-appropriate manner and without inserting our personal opinions or biases.
    • We educate and prepare students for the future by having them study, debate, and understand historical and current events, research and understand perspectives of complex issues from all angles. We believe our role is to guide students, and this work is complemented by speaking with their parents/guardians about their viewpoints and perspectives. This approach allows students to develop their own perspectives.
    • We affirm confidence in our teachers to help students negotiate challenging issues with appropriate and civil discourse.
    • We support teachers' professional discretion for the selection and use of materials in keeping with the concepts noted above.


        Courses Offered
        *electives run based on student interest
    Department Course Titles NMS SMS NHS SHS
    Art   ART COMING SOON          
    Business   BUSINESS COMING SOON          
    English English 6 X X    
    English Reading 6 X      
    English English 7 X X    
    English English 8 X X    
    English Books to Film   X    
    English Creative Writing (middle school)   X    
    English Movie Making Wkshp   X    
    English Public Speaking   X    
    English TV Prod Workshop   X    
    English English 9H       X
    English English 9R     X X
    English English 10H     X X
    English English 10R     X X
    English English 11AP Language     X X
    English English 11R     X X
    English English 12AP Literature     X X
    English American Mythos: Baseball     X  
    English Dystopian Literature     X  
    English Feminist Literature       X
    English Graphic Literature     X X
    English Life Stages Literature     X  
    English Literature of New York     X  
    English Myster/True Crime     X  
    English Myths/Legends     X  
    English Plays/Playwriting     X  
    English Rhetoric of the Moving Image       X
    English Shakespeare       X
    English The Short Story     X X
    English   Great Themes in Literature       X
    English Advanced Filmmaking       X
    English Creative Writing (high school)     X X
    English Facing History       X
    English Journalism I     X X
    English Journalism Alt        
    English Journalism II/Journalism Advanced     X X
    English Journalism H     X  
    English Reading and Research       X
    Health   Health 6 X X    
    Health     Health 7 X X    
    Health     Health 8 X X    
    Health     Health 9     X X
    Health     Health 11     X X
    Math   MATHEMATICS COMING SOON          
    Music/Perf. Arts   MUSIC/PERFORMING ARTS COMING SOON          
    Science   Science 6 X X    
    Science Science 7 X X    
    Science Earth Science Regents X X X X
    Science Science Research 8 X X    
    Science   Biology Regents     X X
    Science   Biology Honors     X X
    Science   Biology AP     X X
    Science   Chemistry (Inquiry)        
    Science   Chemistry Regents     X X
    Science   Chemistry Honors     X X
    Science   Chemistry AP     X X
    Science   Physics 9     X  
    Science   Physics Regents     X X
    Science   Physics Honors     X X
    Science   Physics AP 1     X X
    Science   Physics AP 2        
    Science   Physics AP C        
    Science   Science Research 9        
    Science   Science Research 10/11        
    Science   Science Research 12     X X
    Science Anatomy and Physiology       X
    Science   Astronomy        
    Science   Forensics        
    Science   Marine Science        
    Science   Environmental Science AP        
    Social Studies Social Studies 6 X X    
    Social Studies Social Studies 7 X X    
    Social Studies Social Studies 8 X X    
    Social Studies Human Geography AP       X
    Social Studies Global History and Geography 9R     X X
    Social Studies World History AP     X X
    Social Studies Global History and Geography 10R     X X
    Social Studies US History AP     X X
    Social Studies US History 11R     X X
    Social Studies Economics     X X
    Social Studies Macroeconomics AP / Microeconomics AP     X X
    Social Studies European History AP       X
    Social Studies US Government  and Politics AP     X X
    Social Studies Comparative Government AP     X X
    Social Studies Participation in Government and Civics     X X
    Social Studies College Social Work     X  
    Social Studies Economics/Law/Justice X      
    Social Studies Facing History     X X
    Social Studies History is Now   X    
    Social Studies Psychology AP     X X
    Social Studies Psychology     X X
    Social Studies Reel to Reel   X    
    Social Studies Sociology     X X