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  • The Gift of Life Club is excited to introduce you to Brian, the child we are sponsoring this year for Gift of Life International.  Brian is a 12 year old boy from Kitgum, Uganda.  Up until July, he was a seemingly healthy, happy, and active boy until he suddenly began to tire easily and have difficulty breathing.  Brian's parents took him to Kitgum Hospital where doctors determined that he was in need of  heart surgery.  Brian's parents cannot afford this surgery.   The Gift of Life Club will continue to hold fundraisers throughout the year to help pay for Brian's surgery.   Every dollar collected goes directly to Brian's surgery.  Our fundraising efforts will culminate on April 18th, when we will hold a school wide Walkathon to raise money to save Brian's life.  North Middle School families and staff members have been extremely generous in the past, as Brian is the fourth child whose lives have been saved by our efforts.   The Gift of Life club thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your help in giving Brian the gift of life!

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    In an effort to pair up with Glft of Life International and "Healing Little Hearts Around the World," North Middle School is honored to dedicate our cookbook and ALL proceeds to help pay for heart surgery for a child in need.


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