• Welcome, John F. Kennedy Scientists!

    I have some very special news to share with you!  Each week you will have a different Science Mystery Teacher from one of the Great Neck Elementary Schools teaching today's lesson. 


    The links to the right will lead you to a calendar containing everything you will need for today's lesson.

    Kindergarten through Second Grade

    1. Find your grade level and click on the link to access the calendar.

    2. Look for today's date on the calendar. You will see today's date, the lesson title, a lesson link with a video for today's lesson, and a worksheet link with today's activity.

    3. Open the worksheet link and if possible print the sheet. 

  • Parents, please email photos and any questions about your child's assignments to: 

    *All Grades 3, 4 and 5 students should get their Science assignments on Google Classroom*


    To find the lessons from Cycles 3 through 8, look for Previously Posted Lessons toward the bottom of this page.




    First Grade


    Second Grade

Previously Posted Science Lessons