• Prior to signing a Contract of Sale or signing a Lease or if you have any questions, please email the Registration Office at residency@greatneck.k12.ny.us to verify which school your address is zoned for. Please give as much information as you can so we can assist you.

    Please complete and SUBMIT the Online Application with the required documents. Your application will be reviewed by staff and you will receive an email within one normal work day.  During Special Early Registration Periods this timeline may be extended due to high volume.  All application are time stamped and are processed in order received.

    Registration is a four step process:

    1. You must reside in the District in order to register your child for school.
    2. Download the required forms and gather the information specified.
    3. Complete the Online Registration Application located at the bottom of this page. Once you submit your Online Registration Application, it will be reviewed by staff and you will receive an email confirmation. When working on your application, please use the latest updated version of your web browser. For best results, please consider using the Google Chrome web browser.
    4. The registration office is temporatily closed to the public. Someone will reach out to you to complete the registration.  

    Items that need to be brought to the Registration Office:

    • Photo ID of parent/guardian
    • Original birth certificate
    • Certificate of residency
    • In case of guardianship/divorce/separation: court issued legal guardianship papers
    • Printout of the Online Registration Application (this can be provided by the office at the time of registration) 

    Public School, Private School, and Early Intervention Registration
    (Required from all Residents)

    Before you begin the online registration, please gather the following documents and scan them to your computer so you can upload them to the Online Registration Application.

    Proof of Residency: Commissioner’s Regulation § 100.2(y) requires that individuals requesting enrollment prove that they are residents of the district. You will need to provide documentation to show current residency within district boundaries. Ownership does not constitute residency. The Great Neck home needs to be the primary residency for the family.


    Acceptable Proof of Residence:

    • If homeowner, please provide one (1) of the following:
      • Deed
      • Current Town or North Hempstead Tax Bill (if you need a copy call (516) 869-7800)
      • Closing statement
      • Proprietary lease (for Co-op)
    • If renting, please provide the following:
      • Signed Lease (all pages with complete landlord contact information),
      • Signed Rental Agreement (all pages with complete landlord contact information)
        ** Both Lease and Rental agreement to be accompanied with the local village/town official rental permit for that property (should be supplied to the tenant by the landlord).
      • Notarized Residency Affidavits for Tenant and Owner Affidavits are provided by the district. In addition to the Owner/Renter Affidavits, the property owner’s full contact information
      • Deed
      • Current Town or North Hempstead Tax Bill (If you need a copy call (516) 869-7800)
      • Closing Statement
      • Landlords Proprietary lease (for Co-op)

    Proof of Age: Original birth certificate. If the birth certificate is not in English, an Official Notarized Translation is required. 

    Certificate of Residency: Click here to download form. This form will not be uploaded on the Online Registration Application. Please bring it in when you complete the registration process at the Phipps Administration Building.

    Proof of Guardianship/Parental Relationship: Not required if parent is listed on birth certificate. If required, one of the following must be submitted:

    • Court issued legal guardianship papers
    • Court order granting custody
    • Court issued appointment as foster care

    Note: In the event of Divorce or Separation, both parents have equal access to their children and student records, unless legal documentation is submitted at Registration limiting this. 


    Additional registration forms are located here.


    Public School Only

    Health Examination Form:  The physical must be submitted within 30 days of starting school and must have been performed by a New York State Doctor in the last 12 months.

    Immunization Record: Immunization record signed and stamped by a doctor. For additional information, click here

    Report Card/Transcript from last school attended: If your child attended more than one high school, please upload transcripts for all high schools your child attended (as one file). Foreign transcripts, if not in English, must be accompanied by an official English translation. 

    IEP: If a student is receiving special education services, a copy of the IEP is required.

    In addition, please request from your child's last school that a copy of all school records (including academic, health, attendance, individual evaluations, IEP's, Section 504 Accommodation Plans) and a final transcript (if a high school student) be sent directly to your child's school; click here to download the Records Transfer Request Form and click here to look up the mailing address that you need to add to the form. 

    Private School Only

    In order to receive services provided by the school district, such as textbooks and transportation, all non-public school students residing within the boundaries of the Great Neck Public School District must register with the Registration Department upon entering Kindergarten, moving into the district, or when a lease or rental agreement expires.  Non-public school students who require transportation must register annually with the Transportation Department.

    Click Here to Register with the Registration Department
    Click Here to Register with the Transportation Department

    According to New York State law, all transportation requests must be filed before April 1 or within 30 days of establishing residency. Questions regarding transportation should be addressed to the Transportation Office at 516-441-4060. Questions regarding registration should be addressed to our Registration Office at 516-441-4080. Questions regarding textbooks should be addressed to your child’s private school.



    Online Registration Application

    For those families registering for Great Neck Public Schools for the FIRST TIME or for those families sending their students to PRIVATE SCHOOL, your registration process begins by selecting the OLR button below:


    If you HAVE a Parent Portal Account, click the button below, sign in, then go to Online Registration (located in the "More" section of the left-hand menu):

    Infinite Campus Online Registration


    campus portal login

  • **Parent Portal accounts are not provided to families sending their students to private school and are only provided to families who have children currently attending schools within the district.

    When working on your application, please use the latest updated version of your web browser. For best results, use the Google Chrome web browser.

    Important: Your registration is not complete until the registration and all documentation has been approved by the District Registration Office 

    Support: For questions about residency or other registration requirements, please call the District Registration Office at (516) 441-4080, 4082 or 4083 or send an email. For technical support, please call Parent Support at (516) 441-4081 or send an email.