• Community School


    What is Community School?

    • Founded in 1971 as an alternative to traditional education, the Community School is a highly selective, three-year program whose mission is to encourage students to take a more active role in the learning process. Discussion-based classes stress individualism, student participation, and mutual respect. In addition to academic courses, students meet daily to plan events that build leadership skills and a sense of responsibility to a community. Seniors in the program are offered an opportunity to plan a semester of travel and career exploration in a contemplated field of study as a practical “hands-on” experience.

    How are students selected for Community School?

    • Students will have an opportunity to apply in February. All students are encouraged to attend an Open House presentation run by students to learn more about the program.


    How do I know if it is right for my child

    • You can call the Director of the Community School, Edward Baluyut at 441-4760.