• 9th Grade Seminar


    What is 9th Grade Seminar?

    •  All freshmen take 9th grade seminar during the first semester of high school. This course is designed to teach students to utilize online resources and technology skills necessary for academic success. Topics covered in this course are information literacy skills, digital citizenship, word processing, spreadsheets and iPad applications that support workflow and curriculum

    When does 9th Grade Seminar meet?

    • 9th Grade Seminar meets during the first semester of the year (1st and 2nd quarter) on 2 out of the 6 days in each cycle. Each student should refer to his or her schedule for specific information regarding times and location.

    Is there a team approach in the high school like in the middle school?

    • Yes. The 9th grade teams social studies and English and the senior programs team multiple subject areas.