• Athletics

    How do I find out the dates of athletic tryouts?

    • The list of tryout dates should be listed on the school website under Athletics. If you don't see the sport that your child is interested in listed in the Fall list of sports, please reach out via email to Eamonn Flood (eflood@greatneck.k12.ny.us) To access the list, go to the GNNHS website. Go to the tab for Athletics, click on the Athletic Schedule and you will see the list of Fall Sports and tryout dates. Tryout dates are also listed for the winter and spring sports.


    What interscholastic sports are offered to students each season?

    • Refer to the Athletics Schedules page and select the season on the navigation bar on the left to view the sports offerings for each season.


    Are there opportunities for students that don't make the fall sports to still participate in a sport activity?

    • Sometimes there has been a huge increase in the number of students participating in fall and winter sports. Therefore, teams that may have been “walk on” in the past, are not always “walk on” anymore. Bowling, badminton and swimming are no longer “walk on”. The only true remaining walk on sport is track and field.


    Can they use the weight room?

    • The weight room is scheduled to be open 2:45-3:45 every day.


     Can students train for the next season of sport teams?

    • Yes, students can, and should, train for upcoming athletics seasons. Some coaches do off season training (Soccer, basketball and lacrosse, for example) Please contact the athletics department for more information on off-season training schedules. 


    If a student is on a sports team, are they exempt from gym for that semester?

    • Juniors and Seniors who are on a team and who have no other free period except for lunch may apply to be exempt from phys ed during their season. If permitted, they are exempt from two weeks into the season until the very last contest that they, or the team, participate in.


    Are there locks for the gym lockers?

    • Yes, there are locks for the gym lockers.