Third Grade Curriculum Highlights


    1. Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems – students will develop an in-depth understanding of how matter and energy interact in organisms. Some of the topics to be covered will be:

    Energy transfer among organic materials and life forms including:

    o   Vertebrates and Invertebrates

    o   Food webs

    o   Food chains

    o   Systems

    o   Adaptations

    o   Environmental impact of humans on the environment

    o   Introduction of new species to the environment

    2. Earth’s Place in the Universe

    Study of celestial bodies including:

    o   Gravity and its effect on the solar system

    o   Rotation

    o   Revolution

    o   Phases of the moon

    3.Matter and its Interactions – students will conduct experiments, make observations, and record data specific to developing and understanding in matter including:

    Matter is made up of smaller particles (molecules)

    Matter is conserved during physical changes of matter

    o   Solids

    o   Liquids

    o   Gases

    Measurement of matter

    Objects that conduct electrical or thermal energy

    4. Botany-students will participate in a number of hands on activities to familiarize themselves with the following:


    Seed dispersal

    Parts of the plant and their functions