• Second Grade Curriculum Highlights


    The following is a list of some of the scientific concepts that will be covered during second grade.

    1. History of Earth – Students will engage in a number of activities to develop an explanation and understanding of the following topics:

    Pangaea and continental shift (e.g. plate tectonics)

    Earth’s events, either quickly or slowly, have shaped the surface of the Earth.

    o   Volcanoes

    o   Earthquakes

    o   Tsunamis

    o   Erosion

    Formation of landforms (e.g. mountains, valleys, etc.)

    Role of water on the Earth’s surface  (oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds)

    2. Relationship of Organisms and their Environment- Students will participate in activities to identify how plants and animals depend on each other and biodiversity including:

    Interdependent relationships between plants and animals including the following concepts:


    Food webs and food chains

    Compare and contrast life in different habitats

    3. Matter – Students will conduct investigations and gather evidence of the properties of matter including:

    Properties of matter

    Effect of temperature on matter

    Different properties are used for different purposes

    Water cycle

    Physical and chemical changes