First Grade Curriculum Highlights


    The following is a list of some of the scientific concepts that will be covered during first grade.

    1.    Waves and Matter-students will engage in a number of activities, by conducting investigations, to develop an understanding of waves and how they interact with matter:

     Vibrating materials make sound including

    o   How sounds are made

    o   Engineering application: building a device that uses sound for communication

    Light energy including:

    o   External light sources  (e.g. natural vs. artificial light)

    o   Effect of different objects on light energy (transparent, translucent, and opaque)

    o   Reflection and refraction

    2. Living Organisms – the main concentration of first grade science depends heavily on life sciences. The following is a list of some of the topics that will be covered in first grade:

    Vertebrates and invertebrates

    Structure and function of plants and animals

    Growth, development, and the life cycle of living things (both plants and animals)

    The five senses and how they are used for survival

    Habitat studies

    Inheritance- plants and animals look like their parents.

    3. Earth’s Patterns– students will begin to observe and identify patterns and the motion of the Earth. Some topics that will be covered are as follows:

    Patterns of motion including:

    o   Sun

    o   Moon

    o   Stars

    o   Sunrise

    o   Sunset

    o   Seasons

    o   Planets