Kindergarten Curriculum Highlights


    The following is a list of some of the scientific concepts that will be covered during Kindergarten.


    1.    Forces and Motion-students will plan and conduct experiments to develop an understanding of pushes, pulls, and motion.

    The following is a list of some topics that will be covered:

     Use of scientific tools including balance scales

     Force including concepts of roll, slide, changing speed or direction

     How objects start moving, stop moving, and concepts of flight

     Force of Magnetism and how its used in everyday life


    2.    Weather and Climate- students will participate in a number of activities and experiments to understand the following topics:

     Weather is a combination of the following:

       Sun’s energy and its effect on the Earth’s surface


       Rain or snow

       Cloud formations



        Patterns of weather including severe weather patterns (e.g. blizzards and thunderstorms)

        Earth’s rotation resulting in day and night


    3.    Plants and Animals – Students will identify the basic needs of living organisms and the impact organisms have on the environment.

    Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

       Living and nonliving

       Needs of plants and animals

       Plants and animals make changes to their environment

       Habitats and the resources available in the environment for survival

       Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle