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  • Hi all,

    As you may be aware, the North Middle School Library is scheduled for major renovations during the Summer of 2020. In all likelihood, this project will carryover into the 2020-2021 school year. Our expectation after the renovation? An amazing transformation of our Library into a 21st Century Learning Commons - dare I say a new Alexandria at North Middle School.

    In anticipation of an extended Library closure we have been increasing the numbers of available eBooks (and Audiobooks) for our school community so that everyone has access to reading and listening material throughout the renovation.

    Unfortunately, we cannot recreate the entire physical Library in eBook form.

    Here is where we need your help.

    We would like every family to make sure that every child in their home has a library card from Great Neck Public Library. If they do not, we would like you to take a trip to the Great Neck Public Library and get one. During the coming break would be great, if you are in town.

    Having a Great Neck Public Library Card will allow your child to have access to thousands of eBooks, Audiobooks and other digital resources that we currently do not have available.

    In addition, we would like every family to get a library card from the New York Public Library which will give your children access to an even greater source of eBooks, Audiobooks and other digital resources.

    You can apply for a library card from the New York Public Library by clicking on the link below.

    So during this time of giving, give your children the gift of reading.

    Thank you.

    Nancy Viggiano